📈 Sep 22 — Daily Stock Market Headlines 🚀

Most important finance news at a glance for busy investors

from Finviz.com


🔶 S&P 500 -0.84% Nasdaq -1.37% ➡️ US stock market finished Thursday with more losses after Fed handed another 75bps rate hike yesterday.

🔶 Crude Oil ➡️ WTI crude prices climbed 3.2% as Putin announced the partial mobilization.

🔶 England Fed Rate ➡️ Bank of England continued tightening and raised rates by 50 basis points

🔶 Japan Yen ➡️ Japan government moved to boost the yen for the first time in more than 20 years

  • 🔹 Japanese yen has fallen to a 24-year low against the U.S dollar.


🔶 Qualcomm (QCOM) ➡️ Qualcomm’s CEO announced its automotive design-win pipeline has now climbed to $30B from $19B

  • 🔹 Starting in 2023, Qualcomm chips will be used in Mercedes-Benz cars.

🔶 DocuSign (DOCU) ➡️ DocuSign names former Google advertising executive Allan Thygesen as new CEO

  • 🔹 Thygesen has spent the past 12 years at Google and led Google’s $100B+ advertising business in North and South America.

🔶 Costco (COST) ➡️ Costco released the latest financial results that beat estimates

  • 📊 Quarterly Revenue increased to 72.09B, ⬆️ Up 15% YoY (from 62.68B)
  • 📊 Quarterly Net Income ($): 1.87B, 🟰 3% Net Margin, ⬆️ better than 1.67B Income one year ago
  • For now, Costco will not raise membership prices. “There are no specific plans regarding a fee increase at this time,” said Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti on the earnings conference call. However, he continued, “it’s a question of when not if.”



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