📈 Sep 14 — Daily Stock Market Headlines 🚀

from Finviz.com


🎙️ S&P 500 +0.34% Nasdaq +0.74% ➡️ Stocks rebounded today after the worst day since 2020 due to the hot CPI report.


🎙️ Crypto ➡️ Ethereum price outpaces Bitcoin with its merge process coming

  • 🔸 The merge process would reduce Ethereum energy consumption by 99%
  • 🔸 The funding is part of the $1T infrastructure law approved in 2021


🎙️ Twilio (TWLO) ➡️ Twilio announced to layoff 11% of the workforce

  • 🔸 It has also reaffirmed third-quarter guidance.
  • 🔸 City committee has removed the voting plan from the committee agenda
  • 🔸 Expansion plan could be paused by Tesla itself due to falling demand

This Week Watchlist

  • Thursday: Adobe ER



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