📈 Sep 13 — Daily Stock Market Headlines 🚀

from Finviz.com


S&P 500 -4.32% and Nasdaq Composite -5.16%, logged worst day since 2020 as CPI report triggerred market meltdown.

  • All price indices increased except energy commodities and apparel compared to July’s.
  • 📊 Core Inflation ⬆️ Up 0.6% MoM
  • 📊 Food ⬆️ Up 0.8% MoM
  • 📊 Shelter ⬆️ Up 0.7% MoM
  • 📊 Medical care services ⬆️ Up 0.8% MoM


  • Nvidia was down 9.47%, hit a new 52-week low
  • AMD was down 8.99%
  • Intel was down 7.19%
  • Micron was down 7.46%


Apple — Apple plans to sell ads in new spots in the App Store, according to CNBC

  • Apple has been planning to double its digital advertising business workforce.
  • This indicates that retail investors view Bitcoin as a long-term investment

This Week Watchlist

  • Thursday: Adobe ER



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