📈 July 15 — Daily Market Update 🚀

  • Nasdaq Up 1.79%; S&P Up 1.92%; Dow Up 2.15%; All three indexes raised today even after Wednesday’s historical high inflation report. From this week’s earnings calls, most CEOs/Executives are still optimistic about the US economy.
  • Citigroup Up 13% after the hour, reported earnings beat expectations benefiting from rising interest rates. “In a challenging macro and geopolitical environment, our team delivered solid results and we are in a strong position to weather uncertain times, given our liquidity, credit quality, and reserve levels,” said CEO Jane Fraser.
  • UnitedHealthGroup Up 5.38%, reported earnings beat expectations with raised full-year outlook.
  • Wells Fargo Up 6.25%, reported earnings below expectations with profit Down 48%

Watch List 👀

Next Week

  • Monday: Bank of America, Goldman Sachs ER
  • Tuesday: Netflix, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin ER
  • Wednesday: Tesla, ASML, United Airlines ER
  • Thursday: Snap, American Airline, Blackstone ER
  • Friday: Cliffs, Verizon, American Express ER



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